Each Member of AESAG is committed to assisting and ensuring Fabricators are aware of and comply with work health and safety laws particularly as they relate to the possibility of stonemasons contracting silicosis (WHS Laws).

The Members of AESAG applied to the ACCC for authorisation to jointly require Fabricators to follow the Accreditation process as set out in the Guidelines and to jointly make decisions relating to supply if Fabricators were not compliant with the WHS Laws.

After reviewing the application for authorisation to the ACCC and receiving feedback, AESAG Members believe it is prudent to withdraw the current application and replace it with a revised proposal. This revised proposal will be submitted in the near future.

AESAG will be proposing a joint approach that, if approved by the ACCC, will allow current and future Members to require that Fabricators provide proof from a suitably qualified third party hygienist, regulatory body or other qualified organisation that the Fabricator complies with the law/code in every state and territory in which they engage in business.

AESAG Health & Hygiene Guidelines (English)

There is no Accreditation process and Fabricators are not required to be Accredited by AESAG.
These guidelines are for information only and not linked to an Accreditation process.

AESAG Audit Report Samples:
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