Who We Are

The Australian Engineered Stone Advisory Group (AESAG) was established by Australia’s leading suppliers of engineered quartz surfaces to respond to the occupational risk of silicosis for stonemasons fabricating their products without optimum safety measures in place.

The founding members of the AESAG are Caesarstone Australia, Quantum Quartz, Smartstone Australia and Stone Ambassador.

Together, they account for 77% of engineered quartz surfaces sold in Australia.

A safe working environment for stonemasons cutting engineered quartz surfaces is a top priority for members of the group.

The AESAG is concerned about the reported rise in silicosis diagnoses in Australia and is committed to supporting initiatives that will ensure the correct safety procedures are followed to eliminate the risk of silicosis to workers.

The AESAG is represented on working parties established by the NSW and Queensland governments to review regulations and workplace practices.

The group is developing its own initiatives to support government actions to curb this deadly disease in the stonemason industry.

The AESAG is confident the issue can be successfully addressed through this cooperative approach because engineered quartz surfaces are perfectly safe when fabricated under the recommended safety standards.